The Perils, The Grace and The Way

by Rob Halligan

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released February 21, 2011

Recorded by Graeme Duffin, Sandy Jones and Rob Halligan at The Foundry Music Lab, Motherwell.

Vocals, Acoustic and Electric Guitars - Rob Halligan
Electric, Slide and acoustic guitars, Programming - Grame Duffin
Bass, Keyboards and Programming - Sandy Jones
Double Bass - Si Hayden
Bass guitar on Let It Go - Ian Farquhar
Additional Guitars on Across the Miles - Chris Hunt


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Rob Halligan coventry

Award winning international artist who has worked with Graeme Duffin,Sandy Jones (Wet Wet Wet), Bob Halligan Jr (Judas Priest, Cher), After The Fire, and Paul Evans (Delirious). His CD Best Thing that Happened was nominated Contemporary Album Of The Year and his latest album, The Perils the Grace and The Way has appeared on BBC Radio 2, BBC1 TV, ITV’s Daybreak and many local radio stations. ... more

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Track Name: Let It Go
I know your trouble
And I've seen you fight
A thousand times I wept the tears you cry

I tried to reach you
but you run and hide
And your barbed wire fences are just to high

If I could
I tare them down for you
If I could
Oh i would let it go

Let it go
Tare it down
I want to see your sky
Let it go
Tare it down
Take your life and Fly

I see you dancing
Like a puppet to a tune
And I've tasted of that bitter fruit
I seen your darkness
Oh I've seen that blinding night
And i turned away from that perfect light

If I could
I'd break these chains for you
If I could
Oh I would let it go
Track Name: Grace
Your grace is what I need
When heaviness surrounds me
And the world is closing in
And I need some space to breathe
Your grace is what I need
When doubt tries to confound me
And everything is wrong
Your grace is what I need

And I find it here when I’m standing with you
And I see it here in what I see you do
And I know it’s real when I’m with the people you love
And I know you’re here
And I know you’re God

Your love is what I need
When I’m scared of what they’re thinking
And there’s nowhere I can run
And I’m standing on my own
Your love is what I need
When my confidence is sinking
And everything’s been done
Your love is what I need
Track Name: If I Had a Pen
If I had a pen to write
The words I want to say
It would be a pen that writes
With fire on the page
If I had a book with pages
Filled with words of fire
It would be a book that tells
Of all my hearts desire

And all the breaking
And all the longing
To be with you

You wrote your name
On my heart
And it’s still there
Now all I want in my heart
Is to know you there

If I had a heart that opened
For the world to see
They would see a tide of love
Washing over me
And If I had the strength to ride
That wave to where you are
I would gladly ride that wave
No matter how far

Until it breaks
Until it takes me
Back to you
Track Name: Jerusalem
I woke up this morning
And none of the news was good.
Death machines were rumbling across the ground where Jesus stood.
And the man on my tv told me
It had always been this way
And there was nothing that no one could do or say

And I almost listened to him
And I almost lost my mind
Then I regained my senses again
And looked into my heart to find

That I believe that one fine day
All the children of Abraham
Will lie down their swords forever
In Jerusalem

Maybe I'm only dreaming
Or maybe I'm just a fool
But I don't remember learning how to hate in Sunday school
But somewhere along the way I strayed
And I never looked back again
But I sometimes find some comfort now and then

Then the storm comes rumbling in
And I can't lay me down
And the drums they're drumming again
And I can't stand the sound

And believe that one fine day
The lion and the lamb
Will lie down in peace togetherin Jerusalem

And there'll be no barricades
And there'll be no barbed wire walls
And we can wash all the blood from our hands
And the hatred from our souls

And I believe that one fine day
The lion and the lamb
Will lie down in peace together
In Jerusalem
Track Name: Dangerous Thing
What does it mean to believe what I believe
When I'm surrounded by a world
That doesn’t like what I'm doing
What does it mean to believe what I believe
If I'm gonna stand by what I say
I believe is true
So many words around
That make the sounds of difference
But words are not enough
When belief calls for commitment

It's a dangerous thing
To live what you believe

What does it mean when I fail to be the man
I try so hard to be
And you see me for what I am
What does it mean when doubt makes me retreat
And I can't find the strength I need
To stand up and beat it
It's not hard to compromise
And take the easy option
But living lies wont satisfy
When truth can't be forgotten

Taking up your cross
Is a dangerous thing
It'll be the end of life as you know it
Leaving everything

What does it mean to believe what I believe
When what I say is not the way
The world would want to see it
Track Name: Across The Miles
I read the email that you sent today
I know you find it hard when I'm away
But our love reaches across the miles
You said that you missed me and was I ok
There was no news, you just needed to say
Our love reaches across the miles

Just like in the old songs that made us smile
It's true that I think about you all the while
And the only good thing about being away
Is coming home to you

I dream of you smiling in you special way
And hear your voice knowing the right words to say
And our love reaching across the miles

I could write back saying I'm missing you
But those words wont tell you what I'm going though
But our love reaches across the miles
Track Name: Meet Me
I'll walk the road of love for you
Take the cross in all I do
I will stand among the few
On the road of love
I will cross the line for you
Run the race I know is true
I'll do all that I must do
To cross the line

So meet me at the foot of the tree
And we'll climb to the top and we'll see
The places we can be when we're free
When we climb

Out of the worlds blackest night
From darkness into light
We wont stop until we're right
Out of this world

So meet me at the foot of the tree
And we'll climb to the top and we'll see
The places we can be when we're free
When we climb
I'll take you by the heart and we'll go
To places further on up the road

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