Best Thing That's Happened

by Rob Halligan

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Recorded in January 2009 at the Foundry Music Lab, Motherwell, Scotland


released January 1, 2010

Produce by Sandy Jones (Love is All Around, Wet Wet Wet) and Graeme Duffin (Wet Wet Wet).
Backing Vocals by Yvonne Lyon and Gareth Davies-Jones
Keys by David Lyon

Rob Uses…
Moondog Auditorium acoustic guitar (called ‘Zac’)
Simon & Patrick S&P 6CW Spruce (Called ‘Simone’)
Takamine 132SC Cool Tube (called ‘Nancy’)
Fender Stratocaster - 1990’s Mexican with Humbucker at the bridge (called ‘Tasha’)
Antoria Mandolin (called ‘Titch’)

All through an Odie Pre-amp system.


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Rob Halligan coventry

Award winning international artist who has worked with Graeme Duffin,Sandy Jones (Wet Wet Wet), Bob Halligan Jr (Judas Priest, Cher), After The Fire, and Paul Evans (Delirious). His CD Best Thing that Happened was nominated Contemporary Album Of The Year and his latest album, The Perils the Grace and The Way has appeared on BBC Radio 2, BBC1 TV, ITV’s Daybreak and many local radio stations. ... more

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Track Name: Christians Brother
He was only five years younger
Different father but the same mother
Always knew him as my brother
We shared our hopes and shared our fears
The laughter and the flowing tears
As we travelled through our younger years
Like brothers do we’d sometimes break up
But I knew we’d always make up

And I am and I will always be Christians Brother

Everyday after school
We would always play football
Up against that old stone wall
Imagining ourselves out there
We would hear the people roar
With every single goal we scored
We had our dreams that we would reach for
Never thought that it would end

And I am and I will always be Christians Brother
And I am and I will always be Christians Brother

Seems the innocence of youth
Is vulnerable to times abuse
When details complicate the truth
And somewhere there along the road
We had our different ways to go
And drifted like we never should
Though you went you way, I went mine
I never will forget the time

And I am and I will always be Christians Brother

I remember when your father died
How you were torn apart inside
I could reach you though I tried
And when the day I face the same
I wanted you there with me
But somewhere you’d forgotton
You went your way and I went mine
I never will forget
That we had our dreams that we would reach for
I never thought it would end
Like brothers do we’d sometime break up
I knew we’d always make
I know we’re gonna make up

And I am and I will always be Christians Brother
And I am and I will always be Christians Brother
Track Name: Friend Of God
Stolen cars and railway yards
Dog ends on the ground
Warning lights that flash in time
To Billy’s mellow sound
Sid was dead and Danny said
It’s time for us to go
While the man with the board said he’d call on the Lord
And one day we would know

Sixteen tonnes of hope had come
And gone with the second win
We had our fun but the summer’s sun
Was bitter at the end
My mate and me thought we’d be free
So we packed up and hit the road
While the man with the board said he called on the lord
And sometime soon we’d know

That the world spins around
And there’s dirt on the ground
And beauty comes out of the sod
And maybe soon I’d be a friend of God

We headed west and then travelled north
But every where’s the same
Stone or tar, the road is hard
Whatever way they lay
When you pillow’s a stone and no-where’s home
A hope’s just slipping through
There’s no sign that I’ll get the time
To find out if it’s true

Now it’s all gone around and come back again
And sometimes it’s settled down
I’ve got a wife and kids and the family lives
In a house on the edge of town
Now the lads take their cars and their bikes to the park
And play the life I knew
While I stand at the door and I talk to the Lord
And hope one day they’ll know
Track Name: David's Song
It was the type of morning when the rising sun
Lights a fire in the eastern sky
Readying itself for the storms to come
When the west winds blow and the dark clouds fly

Some said they heard there was thunder in the air
But I knew different cos I knew you were there
And you'd start singing as the day ploughed on
Wild and carefree that was your song

And I don't fear the day when I'm here with you

And I don't know how you do that thing
When you forget yourself and throw caution to the wind
And run like a torrent and move like a flood
And chasing the shadows you unleash your love

It's not by chance your name is a king
Who slaughtered a giant with a stone and a sling
And loved with abandon, your passionate heart
Is right at the centre of the storm that you are

And I don't fear the day when I'm here with you

So crash into me like the thunder you are
Dispelling the heaviness that tears us apart
And tell me your secrets and pour out your life
And sleep in the knowing I'm proud that you're mine
Track Name: You
1. You
You’re worth the race
Worth every drop of sweat upon my face
You’re worth the time
You’re worth the days
You’re worth it all

You’re worth the cross
Worth me counting everything I have as loss
Worth the price
And heavens prize
You’re worth it all

Ch. You’re the reason that I live
You’re the reason that I give
Every breath that I have left
All my soul
You’re my dance and you’re my song
The place where I belong
My life my hiding place
You’re my friend

3. You
You’re worth the fight
Worth the road that I must travel day and night
You’re worth the tears
You’re worth the smiles
You’re worth it all

You’re worth the pain
Worth the sun, the moon, the wind, the stars, the rain
Worth my world
And all my life
You’re worth it all

What does it profit a man
If he gains the whole world
But looses his life
Where does he stand?
Track Name: I Would Climb
I would climb a mountain with you
To see the thousands fed
I would go to the grave with you
To see you raise a man from the dead
And when the crowds press around you
As you walk down the road
I’ll be there among them
Reaching to touch your robe

I would gladly walk with you
Upon the stormy sea
And I’d be there watching you
As you set the captives free
And when you turn the tables
And make those devils run
Confounding the wisest rulers
If you call me I would come

I will love you when you forgive
A man for where he’s been
And tell the cripple to take his bed
And dance for the world to see
And when you’re filled with compassion
For the lost souls searching for light
I would be there when you carry
A fire into their night

I’ll run into the city with you
When the people are calling your name
When you bring in your kingdom
Where peace love and justice reign
And when you ride out in Glory
And to you the gates open wide
When your chosen go marching with you
I would march at your side

When I heard you calling me
You said “Leave it all behind.
Take up your cross and follow me
And be ready to lay down your life.
If you’re to be great then be humble
True riches belong to the poor
If you’re gonna love then love those that hate you
And heaven be your treasure store
Track Name: Blue Jeans
Hey you, Has anybody said to you today
Your love has made my life a better place
You look positively beautiful in your
Old jeans - It doesn't matter what you you wear
You the best thing that's happened to me

Hey you, has anybody asked you out today
I was wondering if you're passing by this way
We could have a drink and what the sky again
Just wear your old jeans, don't dress up
You're the best thing that's happened to me

Let's hang the world today
Take some time to get away
And be the people of each others dreams
We could be anywhere
If you and me are there

I'll take my guitar
and you can wear your old blue jeans

Hey you, has anybody said to you today
I want to spend my life with you and laugh the world away
For you I will sing a song that's full of love
And to me you will be lovely in those old blue jeans
You're the best thing that's happened to me
Track Name: Not On Your Own
The hardest thing was waking up today
Lost inside your dreams
Away from all the things that
Demand your time and tie your freedom down
Now you need some space
Need to know outrageous grace

Did you see the clouds roll in today
It always gets me how
The weather changes, now we’re
Taken by surprise and when it starts to rain
Where do you run to
And how do you get through

You’re not on your own
You don’t need
You don’t need
You don’t need to struggle any more
You’re not on your own
Lean on me, Lean on me
That what brothers are for

And the world is spinning way to fast
You thought that you’d pulled out
Of the system but your doubts scream
Like a drowning voice in a solar blast
And despite the light
Your stuck in the night

And it’s easy to say the right things
Easy to put on the smile
Sometimes its harder to fall
And be carried for a while
Track Name: Roger Daltrey
I just remembered the time
We sat at the kitchen table
Two of us drinking wine
And talking through the night
Your face was older now
Life drawn on your skin
Like a roadmap stretched across your brow
That told of where you’d been

You said you’d been just like me and remembered how that tasted
The bitter sweet of young and free taking on the world
But the world was bigger now than you had ever dreamed
Though you said you’d seen it all you couldn’t work out what it meant

You said you’d been on stage at the Albert Hall
And you’d been in a band with Roger Daltrey
I never knew if the stories were tall
All I knew is it’s what you told me

The summer storms we had that year seemed to talk of where you’d been
Umbrella in you hand as you stood on the porch and bbq’d fish in the rain
You liked to smile and you tried to laugh but your eyes gave you away
Speaking chapters of another time and stories you’d never say

We talked for a time and drank our wine and you told me what you knew
And as we talked I realised that we weren’t far from the truth
You took me to the mountains that overlooked your heart
I knew we could have made it if we had the guts to start

You said you’d been on stage at the Albert Hall
And been in a band with Roger Daltrey
I never knew if the stories were tall
All I knew is it’s what you told me
And you worked on Wall Street in a fancy job
Though you always said it wasn’t easy
You worked like hell to get to the top
And you deserved it, that’s what you told me

You liked to hear me play guitar and sing your favourite song
About sunshine and falling into the arms where you belonged

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