Another Fine Mess

by Rob Halligan

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released November 1, 2012


all rights reserved



Rob Halligan coventry

Award winning international artist who has worked with Graeme Duffin,Sandy Jones (Wet Wet Wet), Bob Halligan Jr (Judas Priest, Cher), After The Fire, and Paul Evans (Delirious). His CD Best Thing that Happened was nominated Contemporary Album Of The Year and his latest album, The Perils the Grace and The Way has appeared on BBC Radio 2, BBC1 TV, ITV’s Daybreak and many local radio stations. ... more

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Track Name: Heavenfield
A time ago upon this hill it has been said
Of how when two kings met and fought to the death
And of how honour came to one who chose to yield
Upon that ancient battle’s e’en at Heavenfield

He was a king, Oswald, a man who did stand tall
And gathered men who came to hear his battle call
But to those brave men he sounded his decree
To those who stand the fighting starts upon your knees

And kneeling there he raised a cross into the night
And there before his men the king began to fight
“Let not thy passion for your kingdom here forsake
Almighty God, let neither fear nor darkness thy love slake”

And time before upon a bleak hill far away
A young king fought and on a cross he was raised
And in the heat of battle innocence was slain
But when the morning come, the sun will rise again

And now alone I stand upon this hallowed ground
Where fear and darkness have been chased by heavens hounds
The cold wind whispers of the secrets it has seen
For every battle won the fighting starts on your knees
Track Name: Hope
I met a guy today I swear his name was Hope
One room shack was all he had that he could call his home
He had a mother and some sisters
His daddy passed away a year ago
Seem like life don’t promise much for a boy called Hope

But he had the kind if smile that would chase away the rain
He told me that when he grows up he’s gonna fly a plane
He’s gonna learn to read, learn to write
He’ll show them all and then they’ll know
Life is up to you that’s why I call him hope

Cos he lives like he’s living like he’s loving every breath he has
And he’s giving everything to be everything he knows he can
And if you ask him then he’ll say to you “I’m loving being who I am”
“And l love that I’m living and loving every breathe I have”

He says that the things that make him glad to be alive
Are the family and friends he has and his dream to fly
And he knows that his tomorrows
Will be filled with the love he knows today
And there’s no drought or storm that will take his hope away
Track Name: Birds Have Nests
F#m D A E
The lights of the world will soon be fading
F#m D A E
And the treasures of earth will rust and decay
F#m D A E
The day that the rich find they have nothing
Is not far away
F#m D A E
Blessed are the poor for they will inherit
F#m D A E
What they cannot afford and the rich cannot own
F#m D A E
For the earth is the Lords and all that is in it
He calls his own

F#m D A E F#m
Birds have nests and foxes have holes in the ground
D A E F#m
The son of man had no-where to lay his head down
Our hope is in one who put by His crown
And became poor

See the birds of the air, they tell a story
And the flowers of the field declare His word
The kings of the world in all their glory
Could not match His worth

The poor are made rich and the humble are lifted
The weak are made strong and the last shall be first
The treasure that they have stored up in heaven
Will outlast this earth

Birds have nests and foxes have holes in the ground
The son of man had no-where to lay his head down
Our hope is in one who put by His crown
And became poor
Track Name: All We Need Is Love
Why do you say what you say In the way that you say it
Why do you look at me like I’m not there
Why do you deal a hand and then don’t play it
Why does it seem to me that you don’t care
You don’t care

Why do I try to act like I’m feeling stronger
Why do you try to act like you don’t know
Why do we let this pain go on any longer
When all we need to do is let it go
Just let it go

Cos there’s been to much fighting
Been to much hurting
All we need is love
So mych not liking
And dishing the dirt in
All we need is love
All we need is love

How many times will you cover my sun with your storming
How many times will you turn my blue skies grey
When are we going to walk in each others sunrise
Instead of trudging along through each others rain

What does it matter if I’m right or wrong
It’s just pride pushing anyway
Trying to be cool and trying to stay strong
When all I have is crumbling away
Track Name: Thinking Of You
I can't pretend it was all a bed of roses
That those years were the best ones of my life
I can't deny I wondered if you noticed
That I needed you to help me smile
I can't forget the times I sat there waiting
Hoping that you'd come by or phone
And I can't lie to say I never wanted
To know you more than you could ever know

There comes a time to draw the line
But I wont stop thinking of you
The past has gone and I've moved on
But I can't stop thinking of you
I've let go but I still know
You'll always be a part of me
I wont stop thinking of you

You still turn up in unexpected places
And I'm ambushed by the memory of your smile
I sometimes see you there in strangers faces
But when I look again you've passed on by
And sometimes I think that I can hear you
In the shadow of a song you used to play
And every now and then I want to hold you
And tell you that I'm missing you today
Track Name: Another Fine Mess
Prayers to the angels
Prayers to the saints
Prayers to the one who made it all
Prayers to our fathers
And the TV fakes
And words that bounce off the wall
Forgive me if I’m speaking out of line
I believe but unbelief is playing on my mind

Can you hear me again
Like when we were friends
And you held me and you loved me
And told me to depend on you
Be here again
Cos I’m calling your name
Its another fine mess that you’ll find me in

I started this race
But the track disappeared
Now it feels like I’m running in the dark
This wouldn’t have happen
If you’d have been here
How can you mend a shattered heart
I’m thirsty but the waters dry and there’s no relief
I believe but wont you help me in my unbelief
Track Name: Wouldn't Be Here
I wouldn't be here
If your blood was kept
I wouldn't be here
if there was still the debt
And I'll never know the cost
And I may never feel the loss
But i know I woudn't be here
I'd be dead

I wouldn't be here
But for sacrifice
I wouldn't be here
But you paid the price
And you walked along the road
Only love and courage go
And if you hadn't I wouldn't be here
I'd be dead

No greater love has man than this
Than he laid down his life for his friends

I wouldn't be here
If you hadn't loved
I wouldn't be here
If you'd turned and run
Oh and if you'd turned away
From the price that needed paying
I know I wouldn't be here
I'd be dead
Track Name: See The Light
Well I’ve seen a light before me
And to it I set my face
And I hear my Saviour call me
And I know he’s marked my race
I’m surround by the heroes
Who have come this way before
And I hear them cheering me on

I have thrown of all the baggage
That the world has thrown on me
And everything that slows me down
I have let them be
I will run with the endurance
That my Saviour gives to me
Until I cross the line

I know that on this journey
I will face some heavy times
But I know that I don’t walk alone
My Saviour’s by my side
And He’s already been here
And He understand the score
So I’m holding fast to Him

When I reach the light before me
On that day I’ll claim the prize
I will hear a great “Well done”
And gain eternal life
Until that day I fix my face
Upon that light ahead
And run til I’ve crossed the line
Track Name: Edoms Hills
I can see the camp fire light
Up on Edoms hills tonight
And the boys are singig it’s alright
If we keep from looking down

And I can hear the peoples song
Drowning out the coming storm
But they don’t know it wont be long
Before it all comes down

Cos down in the valley where shadows play
They watch their kin stolen away
And then just turn their heads and say
They didn’t see a thing

Cos what the eye doesn’t see
The heart cant grieve over it’s true
And if my eye doesn’t see then I cant grieve
Over you
What the eye doesn’t see
The heart wont grieve over its true
But my heart grieves over you

Wise men line up on the shelf
Their tounges are tied and leather bound
And though they scream there is no sound
Unless you want to hear
Stories of the days gone by
When tooth paid tooth and eye paid eye
And they just watched the millions die
Then saw us all forget

An eye for an eye makes the world go blind
And we lost our way in the darkest night
But still our heads turn left and right
And we say we didn’t see
Track Name: Love Your Smile
Like anyone else in my shoes
I'd fight the good fight for you
But i know that i don't need to prove
Cos you know that my love for you
Is something that just wont be moved
As long as there's still you

I remember when I first saw your smile
And thanking God that He gave me this life

How I love your smile
When you smile you chase away
the darkness from the day
And how I love your laugh
It's like music when I'm down
So I'll turn it up loud

The times when it's just you and me
And the whole world is ours to see
I see who I'm meant to be
With you
Your innocence keeps me in tune
With what really matters and you
Love me and not what I do

You laugh when I tell you the places I've been
And I'm glad I've ended up right where I am

I tried to show you my best dying swan
You laughed and told me that I got it all wrong
Track Name: Can Anyone Hear?
I sometimes get to wondering
If anyone would notice me quietly slip away
When my songs have done there singing
And everyone’s done listening and heading their own way
But I’m here without a ride
And I see the storm outside

This road is long and winding
And I’ve been here deciding if I should carry on
All my words have done their saying
And I cant help but thinking it’s time to move along
But there’s still a storm inside
And I don’t see the light

Can anyone hear?
Does anyone know?
What goes on behind the brush that paints the masterstroke
Does anyone see?
The image in me
Trying to find it’s way into the frame up on the wall

If I could have just one wish
I would ask that all this wouldn’t be for nought
I’d hope that I leave more than
Signs of my departure strewn across the floor
And I hope this storm inside
Will clear the air tonight

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